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Igalo is one of the most famous Spa centres in Montenegro and in the Europe . Until the second half of the 20th century it was a sparsely inhabited village. Only in the last five decades it turned into the little town almost connected to Herceg Novi. From here, by boat, you can quickly come to the resorts of Njivice, Zanjic and to the mysterious Blue Cave (Plava Spilja), considered by many the “temple of God of the sea”.


A modern Medical health center was built on the grounds of the Igalo’s mud bath. More then a thousand patients can be treated in this center at the same time. This centre is especially famous for curing the rheumatic diseases. Traditionally, the most regular ‘users’ of Igalo’s benefits are the Scandinavians, especially the Norwegians. Many famous people came here to be treated for rheumatic and the other diseases - many crowned persons, princes and kings. One of the regular guests was also the president of the former SFRY Josip Broz Tito. In order to serve his needs a special villa “Galeb” was built just beside the Institute It is now the residential object of the Montenegrin Government intended for receiving important foreign guests.


Igalo encompasses the coast line from the Sutorina river to the Galeb restaurant. This is both a bathing beach and a promenade. The beach is sandy, with some beautifully designed paved areas, making swimming and sun bathing a pleasurable experience. With security offered by sandy beaches with very low sea depth, Igalo has become very popular destination for families with children.  

There are many restaurants and cafes where the aroma of fish specialities, the sound of music and pleasant surroundings entice people to linger a while. Because of attractive and well-dressed girls many call Igalo's promenade the "longest cat walk" on the Adriatic Sea...


Shore is 1500 m long with capacity for about 3500 tourists.

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