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Apartments Park are NOT part of the Institute Dr. Simo Milosevic.

For the guests of the Apartments 'Park' Igalo we have provided limited information below in order to promote the area and other services.


Text below is for the information purposes only and we cannot guaranty its validity!

Further details could be obtained at the reception of the Institute.




1. Seropositive arthrtopathies: rheumatoid arthritis & similar polymyalgia rheumatica;

2. Fibromyalgia rheumatica;

3. Seronegative spondylarthropathiae (Bechterew, psoriatic, Reiter, enteropathic, reactive arthritis);

4. Children rheumatism: chronic mono-,oligo-, polyarthritis, other connective tissue diseases in children;

5. Soft tissue rheumatism: painful condition in muscles, tendons, etc.;

6. Spinal disease in neck, back & low back (spondylosis, brachialgia, muscle tension & pain, discus hernia, ischialgia, etc.) operated discus hernia;

7. Conditions after total joint replacement (implantation of various prosthesis - shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers, hip, knee);

8. Conditions after accidents & poly-traumas (bones fractures, nerves & soft tissues damage)

9. Conditions after stroke (paresis), multiple sclerosis (mobile patients), various neuralgias including trigeminal;

10. Upper and lower airways problems (allergies, inflammation, asthma bronchial, chronic bronchitis);

11. Condition after heart infarction, by-pass surgery, stable angina pectoris;

12. Skin problems (psoriasis, neurodermitis, chronic eczema);

13. Osteoporosis

14. Male urological problems (chronic prostatitis, conditions after surgeries, impotence)

15. Problems with peripheral circulation (Raynaud’s disease, cold feet, arteriosclerosis, conditions after peripheral by-pass surgery, atherosclerotic & diabetic angiopathy)

16. Rehabilitation of athletes, post rehabilitative conditioning


1. Comprehensive medical check up

2. Preventive rehabilitation program for workers in mines, forests, platforms, etc.

3. Stress management

4. Obesity, weight reduction, healthy nutrition

5. Risk factors management (hypertension, high blood fat, diabetes)

6. Fitness, recreation

7. Sports programs (team preparation on the sea level in football, basketball, handball, volleyball; programs for retired & weekend athletes; schools for swimming, marital arts, small sports, etc.)

8. Beauty (European skin care, face & body programs, anti-cellulite program)


• Touch and pressure with finger tips and handpalms strengthening ones self-healing power and improving physical and psychological well-being.
• Tapping, squeezing, twisting, stretching and other gentle physical manipulation of particular parts of the body.
• Additional techniques:

Dental studio:

• periodontology
• periodontalsurgery
• aestetic stomatology
• prothetic – laboratory in Germany

Esthetic Surgery:

• Face lifting
• Liposuction
• Breast augmentation – reduction
• Correction of ears, nose etc.

Cosmetic surgery is provided by American specialists.


Please contact Institute directly to arrange use of any of the services above.

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